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In recent years, Asia has witnessed a steep rise in online fraud, and Malaysia is no exception, especially when it comes to job scams.

Unfortunately, scammers often perceive job seekers as vulnerable targets, exploiting those struggling to secure a source of income.

According to police statistics, a part-time job scam syndicate in Malaysia caused losses exceeding RM1.23 million between January and June this year.

As job scams continue to become more sophisticated, Malaysians can play a collective role in helping others identify red flags and preventing them from falling victim to the deceptive tactics employed by scammers.

In the past, scammers relied on fear tactics to get people to act impulsively, but today they are focused on building online trust as a means to trap their victims.

Some job scams are meticulously crafted to mimic authentic hiring procedures, creating a convincing illusion of a legitimate opportunity.

Here are the top 10 signs that a job offer could be a scam.

Source: The Sun

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