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Motorists who think they can flout the laws and ignore summonses, take heed. Those caught breaking any of the seven most committed traffic violations during "Op Selamat 10/2017", as listed by enforcement authorities, will find themselves having to appear in court.

The violations are:
i. beating the red light;
ii. overtaking along double lines;
iii. cutting queues;
iv. using mobile phones without handsfree;
v. not wearing seatbelts;
vi. unnecessarily using the emergency lane; and
vii. hogging the right lane (for commercial and public transport vehicles)

Police stated the rise in the number of accidents during festive seasons on the attitudes of motorists. Around 101,322 summonses had been issued, to motorists during "Op Selamat" between 2014 and last year. This had led to police intensifying operations during the coming Chinese New Year holidays.

Source: The Malay Mail

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