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Kuala Langat - The 12-year-old boy who escaped after witnessing a gruesome murder and arson attack is under police protection.

Kuala Langat district police chief Supt Azizan Tukiman told theSun that the boy is under their care as he is crucial to the investigation.

"The boy is under police protection now. He is undergoing counselling because of his traumatic experience,” he said.

The boy is the only survivor of the gruesome murder that took place in his grandparents' house in Tanjung Sepat early Wednesday.

According to Selangor Criminal Investigation Department Chief SAC Fadzil Ahmat, initial investigations by the Fire and Rescue Department uncovered elements of arson.

"The Selangor Crime Scene Investigation team has also discovered stab wounds on three of the victims. The victims were believed to have been stabbed before their bodies were set on fire," he said.

He said that the final cause of death could only be confirmed following results of an autopsy.

In a video that was making its rounds on social media, the boy was caught on tape recounting how he watched as his grandparents and brothers were killed in the house by an assailant while he hid in the bathroom.

"Grandma, grandpa, little brother, my second brother all dead... except me.

"Father went to work... not back yet.

"Thief killed them and burned the house. All dead! They were all killed by the thief... with a big knife," the boy in the harrowing video clip said as the house burned in the background.

The incident took the lives of four family members including a three-year-old toddler.

The case has been classified as murder after the Fire and Rescue Department and police investigators discovered elements of foul play.

Following the fire, the remains of Chia Tee Nang, 73, his wife Lim Mai Shak, 68, and their grandsons Chia Yuan Bin, three, and Ryan Chia Zeng, nine, were discovered in various parts of the house.

The father of both boys, a mute, and other relatives were distraught and seen weeping at the scene.

Meanwhile, the bodies of the deceased will not be claimed until DNA tests on the remains are completed. According to a spokesman from the Banting District Hospital, the autopsy is expected to be completed soon.

Source: The Sun

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