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Johor Bahru, 21st April 2021 - The Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) has handed over 32 community policing posts (CPP) to the police force as part of its initiative to step up security in the economic region.

IRDA federal commissioner Mohamad Sa'elal said, the CPP concept has been well received by the local communities since the first post was set up in 2010.
The main aim of setting up CPPs, he explained, was to narrow the gap between the police and communities.

Johor Police Crime Prevention and Community Safety Department Chief, SAC Tuan Alzafny Ahmad said the CPP initiative encouraged more interaction between local communities and the police, thereby strengthening the overall security network.

'This concept also inculcates a strong sense of shared responsibility to combat crime.
The impact of CPPs is felt by the police force and I hope the collaboration between IRDA and us will not stop here," he said.

Read further on The Star’s article as attached.

Source: The Star

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