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Kuala Lumpur, 28th May 2022 - Desperate for work after the Covid-19 pandemic left them jobless, hundreds of Malaysians pounced on offers of high-paying jobs abroad when borders reopened.

They were in for an ugly surprise.

They soon found out they had become victims of job scams and, with their travel documents taken away, are now stranded in several Indochinese countries.
Police said initial investigations showed the scams are run by human trafficking syndicates in Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.
Director of Criminal Investigation Department, CP Dato' Sri Abd Jalil Hassan told The Star that 115 Malaysians were still stranded in these countries, desperate to return home.

Statistics from the federal police showed as at May 23, 100 men and 15 women aged between 17 and 41, were still stuck in various countries including Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos.

Read further on The Star article attached.

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