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Johor Bahru, 29th June 2023 - Police have seized over RM1million worth of drugs from two syndicates, with one of them using social media platforms to sell the illegal substance.
In the first case, Johor Deputy Police Chief, DCP M. Kumar said, eight suspects were arrested in a series of raids around Johor Baru between Sunday and Monday afternoon.
“We arrested five men and three women, one of whom is a foreigner. They are between 19 and 67 years old. Further checks found that five of them tested positive for drugs and four have previous records involving drugs and crime.
“Police also successfully seized more than RM926,000 worth of drugs, such as 10.65 kilograms of Ecstasy Powder, 914 grams (g) of Ketamine, 118 Ecstasy Pills, 100 Erimin 5 pills, 5.85 litres of Liquid Ecstasy and 8.3g of Ganja,” he added.
DCP Kumar said this in a press conference held at the state police headquarters here yesterday.
He added that police had been investigating the syndicate for three months before launching the operation to nab the suspects.
“The syndicate has been active since March this year. Their modus operandi is to use social media platforms such as TikTok and WeChat to sell the drugs, as well as gated and guarded condominiums as stores and to package the drugs.
“When a customer is interested in buying drugs from them, they will instruct the customer to make a payment online and they will leave the drugs at a location for the customer to pick up,” he said.
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