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Petaling Jaya, 19th April 2024 - The late ASP Helen Loh Kuen Chow, who served 35 years in the police force, was a remarkable woman known for her integrity, hard work, commitment and unwavering love for the country and its plural society.

She left behind an indelible legacy, balancing a career to uphold the law as a dedicated policewoman while not neglecting her role as a wife and mother.

Late ASP Loh passed away on April 16 at the age of 88, surrounded by her eldest daughter Chua Chai Ping, sons Jek Huang and Teik Huang, and her grandchildren.

Chai Ping, 52, reminisced about her mother as an exemplary figure who navigated both her career and family life with incredible grace.

“She was always there for us. My mum encouraged us to be grateful for the many opportunities here,” she said.

Read further on The Star’s article attached.

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